Vanilla server rules. (click to expand)

  • [1] Have respect for every player,not only the staff.

    Something we should not have to ask... But we do like respect for ALL players on the server, not only the staff.

  • [2] Hacking... Any hack = BAN

    Hacking is of course NOT allowed in any way at Chunkworld.  If you get caught you will go to jail, and normally we don't believe in second chances at Chunkworld. Hacking can be a lot of things but not limited to: X-ray (or similar exploits), flying, speed-hack, anti-knockback, as examples.  For us they are all the same: you can't use anything to have an advantage over other players!  If you got caught with ANYTHING that gives an unusual advantage over other players, that is cheating for us at Chunkworld.


    Example: Using texturepacks as some kind of a x-ray-tool = x-ray... If you are playing with friends that are cheating and you know it, that is for us the same as you are cheating yourself if you don't warn our staff about this matter. Asking cheaters to do stuff in your own favour while you know they are cheating is the same as cheating (except if you use it as proof) because you are just letting someone else do the dirty work.  Cheater-supporters will also get punished in a way we deem appropriate.  Chat-abuse: if you air your grievances in server chat to get your friend back, this will result in mute/kick or even a ban. You can, however, talk in private with mods or admins about this matter.  We only ban a player if we are sure beyond a resonable doubt as this is not something we take lightly.  Once a cheater has been found they will be dealt with swiftly, we don't talk about it, cheaters take enough of our time as it is, and decisions are 99.9% final.


    If we know the cheater has one or more alts on our server, they will also get banned.  Attempting to circumvent a ban will be handled swiftly.


  • [3] Griefing, raiding, killing, even scamming is allowed.*

    To prevent getting scammed you can use the built in trade system.

    Staff will not interfere with players for being scammed.


    *Griefing the spawn area, or even attempting to grief the spawn area will result in a global ban.


  • [4] Advertising and spam (global, private and tpa) are not allowed.

    Advertising is not allowed on our server. Ofcourse you can link to some fun video, good music,... but don't promote other servers.


    Spamming is not allowed, seems fair... THIS INCLUDES TELEPORT-SPAM! If people ask to stop, you stop. You don't want us to stop it :) ALSO: A mute = mute! Don't use other stuff to keep on spamming. We know there are ways, don't abuse them or the mute will result in something else. When using functions like /helpop without a real concern, this can be considered as spam also! Functions like /helpop are there so people can tell us about a cheater or ask for help when they are stuck or so. Abuse will be punished.

  • [5] Don't act like you are staff when you are not.

    Never act like you are someone from our staff if you aren't. This is included: Nick that looks the same, skin that looks the same, tell people you are staff,... Also telling players someone else is staff when he isn't can be punished.

  • [6] Almost any skin, language or (obscene) building is allowed. Racism isn't.

    We do allow almost all (rude) language, just don't use it to be tough or excessive. A fuck, shit or even sex is not kickable. If you are trying to troll and upset people we can and will act if needed!


    We do allow almost all buildings ,... just not the stuff that makes our server lag extremely: very big machines, farms, cobblemonsters (look it up on youtube)...


    If your machines or farms are making our server lag, we will contact you, or if necessary will take action immediately. If you are doing it on purpose you know the door will be closed forever to Chunkworld...


    We can not allow racism. Not in chat, and not in buildings.

  • [7] No use of any exploits, asking for OP.

    Use of most glitches is forbidden. There are "tricks" possible in the game that 1) Gives an advantage that is to big or 2) Makes the server lag. Example: Netherroof and ANY duplicating is forbidden for everyone. If you find any exploits or faults, please contact an admin, so we can change it. Abuse of any glitch (that also includes telling other people how to exploit) will have consequenses. This can be: tempban / permban / Removal of items obtained by a glitch,... We do not want people to activily look for exploits.

    If you are not sure about something, just ask us. We don't bite.


    When players (even if they don't know it) did get an advantage from a cheater we also will contact them to do the right thing. We do hope our players will give up items they got by themselfs. Otherwise we will take the items. If the complaints are getting out of hand we will consider the player as someone who supports cheaters cause he/she thinks it is right to keep cheater-stuff. Cheater-supporters are not welcome at Chunkworld.

  • [8] No threatening to hack, DDOS,... the server or any player.

    Threatening/harassing is something we also do take very serious. We will see the difference between making some "fun" and real threatening/harassing ofcourse. This can go beyond Chunkworld's borders!


    Looking up private information (Ip, name, adress, mail, skype, facebook, telephonenumber,...) is NOT normal behaviour. There is the game, and there is real life, those have to be as serperated as the player wants it to be! Looking up personal information is only with bad intentions.


    We do like to play with some idiots from time to time, but we don't want to spend time with real psycho's!


    While we are not responsible for any crap a player does on our server (each is responsible for his own), and ALL players are also responsible for their own safety on the internet, we do feel the need to also ban players that are harrashing our players and/or staff both inside as outside the game.


    What isn't allowed (a none exclusive list):


    - Threatening to do something in real life to any player, to hack/DDOS/... any player or the server,... And so on. You can threaten to kill someone in game, to raid them,... That is normal and part of this game.


    - Lookup personal information and abuse that to harrash people outside the servers.


    - Give away personal information in the chat. This can be EVERYTHING that is not game-related and involves real life stuff. This included easy to get information. If someone is interested, they will look it up.


    - Find other ways to get in contact with players while they did not give you that information. If a player does not want to give that info, leave it.


    - ...


    In real life threathening can be very much, for some people it's already threathening if you come up with private info from them or openly put that info at the server. It's normal that people can feel threathened by that, how would you feel, and what is the purpose... It only can be bad.

  • [9] Repetitive griefing and harrassing the same player is not allowed.

    Don't keep harrassing the same player over and over. You had your fun, now move on.


  • [10] No cobblemonsters, anywhere... See Youtube if you don't know what that is.

    Cobblemonsters are not allowed anywhere.

  • [11] Deathtraps are allowed, but no loops!

    Deathtraps are allowed on this server. But... Nothing that prevents the player from playing after dead, nothing where people can stay stuck in forever or get them in a loop.

  • [12] Staff can make big herds smaller or stop machines to prevent lag.


    We do not put any numbers on how big your farms can be. Be reasonable and keep them at a normal size. If we notice any lag or other issue we will thin out your farms or remove your machines. When we notice repeated problems with the same player we will sanction and eventually ban.

  • [13] Mods can raid/kill/grief. Admins & Owners are not allowed to do that.

    Moderators are allowed to grief/raid/kill. However, they can never abuse coords (in any way!) from a base they have been tp'ed to by a player. Any abuse of this will be punished! Also when someone is degraded back to a normal player status, they are never allowed to raid a base where they have been tp'ed to. However, if they do find a base in a normal way, they are allowed to raid.


    Admins and Owners ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SCAM, GRIEF, KILL, RAID, ATTACK,... Except: defending themselves and OWN properties (also those they share with others)!

  • [14] The main language in global chat is English.

    The main language at the global chat is English. From time to time a little bit of non- English chat is tolerable, but keep it down, we don't want to mute... If you want whole conversations in another language: you can do that in private chat!

  • [15] Do not try to make a real life profit from Chunkworld.

    Don't try to make real money in anyway from our server (like Youtubers or selling in-game-items for real money).

  • [16] A player's interpretation of a rule does not overrule a staff members decision.

    A player's interpretation of a rule does not overrule a staff members decision. Only owners can overrule staff member decisions.

    Staff members enforce the existing rules as imposed by the owners. Any disagreement can be submitted at the forum where an owner or executive will respond.


  • [17] We can always change our rules...

    We can always change the rules from any Chunkworld server.

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